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Adult Blossom saving Mimi.

Blossom (from the Powerpuff Girls) has been revealed that she is the biological mother of Mimi, Him's daugther.


It was shown that adult Blossom has changed her appearance. Now she has circular glasses (quite similar to Dexter's glasses), she wears a pink work-suit, with pink colour flats. Her hair is still long, but with a darker shade of red. She has lost her big red bow and her pink hair clip. She is wearing a long, white lab coat, (her choice of clothing are the same clothes that she wore at the Megaville center of arts when she was young).


She is still the same as when she was much younger: kind, intelligent, caring, brave, proud and probably a still a bit vain.

As it revealed that she is the biological mother of Mimi, she has a strong will to protect her daughter to the very end.

It has shown that she and Mimi were ripped away from each other by Him.


Her powers are still the same. She has super strength, super speed, ability to fly, she still has her ice breath, and her sonic scream as well. It has been revealed that she and Mimi has a distinct connection with each other. When Mimi is calling for Blossom (AKA. Ma), Blossom is able to sense where her daughter is.


The other comics about her and her siblings are known in the Powerpuff Girls comics. Not much is known to her in the Grim Tales comics, apart the fact that Mimi is her daughter. It seen that blossom is the only survive in the group after what happen to her sister are unknown It's unknown about Blossom's relationship with Him. It has revealed that possibly she and Raven (from Teen Titans) are friends. She was devestated when Raven and Hoss has sacrified their lives just so Mimi can escape.

Mimi cried out, "Escape! Escape! Get away!" when Blossom was reassuring her that it's okay that she's here, Him has tranformed himself into a monstrous-sized demon.

Him literally ripped Blossom away from Mimi. Both of them were crying.

Blossom seem to have been killed by her own daughter as Hunson Abadeer mentions there is a picture of Mimi killing her mother in Him's office. In chapter 8 when Chi turn to a cat and look at the picture with mimi and blossom she seen no threat to her at all as she seen sweet she ask how can something so mean hurt a sweet person blossom in the flashback it show that mimi was force to kill her own mother leaveing her heart broken as chi fell out the chair