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Sis (Wife)

Nergal Jr (Son)

Mini Mandy (Biological granddaughter)




Nergal Demon





Created By

Maxwell Atoms

Nergal is a powerful monster from the center of the earth, and father to Nergal Jr. in Grim Tales from down below and Grim Tales Afterbirth he also becomes the father of the Nergal monsters and grandfather to Mini Mandy.


Unlike his previous incantation as a black corner headed demon with snake like tentacles growing from his back with a plain black and red suit matching his black skin, the Grim Tales from down below and Grim Tales Afterbirth version takes on a more squid like appearance with dark blue skin and a much more frilly yet sinister clothing. Other then "animfying" there is not much else in terms of change.


Nergal seems to be a rather kind individual, although he is not directly seen, but as an implanted memory in the minds of the Nergal spawn within Minnie and Junior. He is calm and always happy to explain something to junior, sometimes appearing outside of him as well to help him think through a situation. He has yet to appear outside of his memory form though.


Nergal Possesses:

Nergal Demon Powers likely the same ones as any other of his kind, yet as the first he likely has them on a far greater level, but Grim Jr may have more power as the power he gained from Mini Mandy spent a bit of time absorbing souls and abilitys.

Power Creator Considering what he said and how he even organized much of it, he may have the ability to create or at the very least manipulate the powers of those who share his family line in some way.

Knowledge of Nergal Since it is named after him, it can be assumed he both knows it and like Mini Mandy control the power of others to some extent.