[[Nergal jr grim tales full|250px]]


Nergal Jr.


Nergal (Father)

Sis (Mother)

Billy (Maternal first-cousin)

Grim Jr. (Godson)

Mini Mandy (Biological daughter)




Human/Demon Hybrid




Neon Green

Created By

Maxwell Atoms

Nergal Jr. is the son of Nergal and Billy's Aunt Sis. He is Junior's godfather/uncle as well as the biological father of Mini Mandy. Nergal Jr. is a shapeshifting creature with the ability to alter his demonic form into whatever weapon or hellish beast he chooses.


In the comic, Nergal Jr has a simalar look to "Johnny Bravo", for his hair is sticks out the front of his head aways, and he wears glasses that resemble his. Nergal Jr's hair is dark black and his eyes are neon green, the same color as his teeth. He's a well-toned, muscular looking man who can shape-shift into a vast array of creatures, the limits are unknown.


Though not much can be said currently about Nergal Jr's personality For in the comic, he makes minor apperances. The small parts of the comic he is shown in, he does seem to have a close relationship with his daughter, Minnie, and tries to spend time with her and make her happy such as him dressing up in a pink bunny costume to play with her as they have a tea-party, seen in Grim Jr's flashback.

Nergal Jr. once held a grudge against Mandy for what she did to Mr. Bonkers (his teddy bear), yet it appears he long since forgot about this, as Nergal Jr. and Mandy once had an affair, creating Mini Mandy. Along with all this at one time Nergal Jr. possess both of a variation of Nightmare's armor and the Soul Edge, or at least something very close in ability and apperence.